The following statement is not influenced by anyone nor is it a result of any behind-the-scenes occurrences. This is something we wanted to make public in the new year.

As we prepare to enter year four of this podcast, we realize were not adequately prepared for what it would become. To be transparent, itʼs embarrassing for us to reflect on the fact that we never consulted the family about even the title of the podcast. That's just one example of our naivety. Looking back at the early episodes are especially cringeworthy. Only with help of Helena Dwyer Murray were we able to gain more perspective and feel the weight of the project we were doing.

We would like to issue a formal apology to Fred Murray and his entire family for anything we said due to our initial ignorance. Our parents raised us better to have behaved in such a manner.


Tim Pilleri & Lance Reenstierna

January 2018